Introducing FogShield Sport

For more than 150 years Bausch + Lomb has created innovative vision solutions. Our award-winning FogShield XP formula continues that tradition by delivering clear vision to professionals who rely on it day in and day out, like firemen and hazardous material workers. Now, Bausch + Lomb brings you FogShield Sport, a complete collection of anti-fog treatment and lens cleaning systems. Try FogShield Sport on your mask, goggles or shield in your sport and forget what fog looks like, guaranteed. Because at Bausch + Lomb, we know the better you see, the harder you play.

Anti-fog protection for any sport at any temperature

Whether you’re a skier, snowboarder, diver, motor-sport enthusiast or paintball fanatic, FogShield Sport has you covered. That’s because it’s now available in multiple convenient applications. No matter which one you choose, FogShield Sport provides reliable protection for any sport at any temperature, risk free.

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Why it Works

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